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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Blackmore's Treasure - Derek G. Rogers - Guest Book Review


Blackmore's Treasure is part of the history of Prospect Farm. Tobias Allinson acquired the farm in 1645 and each generation since then has attempted to find the fabled treasure. None have succeeded... His descendant ,a thirteen year old boy, suffers a serious accident whilst visiting the farm. During his time in hospital, he ‘dreams' about events experienced by theoriginal Tobias, that of taking part in the Battle of Naseby, meeting Oliver Cromwell as well as other famous people he has read about in his history books.  During his ‘dream' adventures, a Sergeant Blackmore bequeaths his treasure to him. The treasure was never found; so the legend was born. Can young Tobias is solve the mystery and find Blackmore's Treasure?

Guest review by Janice Lazell-Wood

Apparently the author was compelled to write this story because his granddaughter had told him that the "Civil War was boring..."  This is certainly not the case in this engaging debut novel (although you could be forgiven for thinking it was about pirate treasure due to the cover artwork! A slight gripe, but mine own).  Mr Rogers has written a captivating time-slip story of this turbulent time in England's history, one that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

The characterisation is good, including those heavyweights of the Civil War, Cromwell and Fairfax, as well as minor characters who all play their part. Tobias of then and now is a likeable character and when we meet Blackmore, he is a man keeping himself safe by any means possible, be they morally right, or not! The Battle of Naseby, a turning point in the war, is well told, without being graphic. 

I was keen to find out what the treasure was, and wasn't disappointed when the ending was revealed, it even had a nice little twist.  I'd be happy toread more by this author and now want to know more about the Civil War, I hope Mr Roger's granddaughter does too!

My thanks goes to Lindsay for giving me the chance to review this novel.

Many thanks to Janice for reading and reviewing this novel for The Little Reader Library.


  1. I agree, looking at the cover I was also expecting a story of pirates and treasure. Not that I'm put off by finding this is not the case as definitely sounds like my kind of read.

  2. It was books like this that having read when I was young helped get me interested in history.

    The story sounds it would holds one interest. The period that this takes place in is fascinating.


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